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Covenant Design Group Communique and latest draft text

Posted On : April 8, 2009 4:24 PM | Posted By : Webmaster
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The Covenant Design Group (CDG) met under the chairmanship of the Most
Revd Drexel Gomez, former Primate of the Church in the Province of the
West Indies, between 29th March and 2nd April, 2009, in Ridley Hall,
Cambridge, at the invitation of the Principal, the Revd Canon Andrew
Norman, former Representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the
Covenant Design Group. We are grateful for the warm welcome received.

The main work of the group was to prepare a revised draft for the
proposed Anglican Communion Covenant which could be presented to the
fourteenth Meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, and commended
to the Provinces for adoption. The CDG now presents the third "Ridley
Cambridge" draft for the Anglican Communion Covenant.

This text has been developed in the light of responses received in the
twelve month consultation period requested by the Joint Standing
Committee since the production of the Saint Andrew's Draft in February
2008. The CDG has worked with the twenty or so Provincial responses
which have been received to the St Andrew's Draft, and which are listed
in Appendix One of this Report. We also received a large number of
responses from individuals, diocesan synods and other institutions,
including ecumenical partners, which were also circulated among the
group. All these responses are in the process of being published now on
the Anglican Communion website.

The Ridley Cambridge Draft (RCD) of the Covenant text follows the
pattern established in the St. Andrew's Draft, of an Introduction, a
Preamble, three Sections (to which a fourth is now added), and a
Declaration. "We recognise the importance of renewing in a solemn way
our commitment to one another, and to the common understanding of faith
and order we have received, so that the bonds of affection which hold us
together may be re-affirmed and intensified."

The members present in the meeting in Cambridge were:

Drexel Gomez, Chair
Victor Atta-Baffoe
John Chew
Katherine Grieb
Santosh Marray
John Neill
Rubie Nottage (unable to be at the Cambridge Meeting)
Ephraim Radner
Eileen Scully

The 'Ridley Cambridge' Covenant draft text can be found here: ... t_text.cfm

The complete text of the draft and other resources are found at:

ACNSlist, published by Anglican Communion News Service, London, is
distributed to more than 8,000 journalists and other readers around
the world.

Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas.

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